Commercial and Residential Real Estate Acquisition in Florida

At Block & Scarpa, we assist clients in several aspects of both commercial and residential real estate. We work to find solutions that result in successful real estate closings. Our attorneys have extensive experience in commercial and residential real estate, helping clients with everything from purchase and sale agreements to establishing property and condominium associations. At Block & Scarpa, our team can represent buyers, sellers, and developers. We may also serve as closing agents and have the ability to issue title insurance. We make the commercial and residential real estate process as seamless as possible so that no item goes uncared for.

Experience in Vero Beach Real Estate

Block & Scarpa has worked with clients in the acquisition of real estate property targeted for future development as commercial offices, retail, resorts and clubs, and condominiums. Our attorneys provide representation to clients involving examination and acquisition of title, entity formation and organization, governing documentation for the anticipated future use and development. The services offered through Block & Scarpa do not end when a deal closes. We continue representation through landlord/tenant disputes and assessment collections as needed.

Here are just some of the areas Block & Scarpa can provide real estate attorney assistance:

Acquisitions and Development

With extensive experience in property acquisition and real estate development, the attorneys at Block & Scarpa are prepared to handle your project. This experience allows us to guide our clients through the complexities that come along with acquisition and real estate development. At Block & Scarpa, we work with state and local governments to advise on all levels of zoning and development.

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Residential and Commercial Closings

Real estate is a big investment, which can make the closing process extremely stressful. The attorneys at Block & Scarpa will ensure the entire process is accurately taken care of with your best interest in mind.

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Title Insurance

Title insurance is extremely important in securing financial protections against defects in the property that you are not aware of when purchasing. Block & Scarpa can issue title insurance to ensure the protection of your investment.

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Institutional Lending/Finance

The accountants and Block & Scarpa can assist you in securing institutional lending and financing for your next investment. We will guide you through your options so that you make the right financing decisions.

Landlord/Tenant Law

The attorneys at Block & Scarpa have extensive experience in Landlord/Tenant Law. We are able to represent landlords and tenants in legal disputes and aid in encouraging a resolution.

Real Estate Tax Disputes

Block & Scarpa may also represent clients who believe their tax bills are incorrect. Every August, each county sends a Truth in Millage (TRIM) Notice to all the property owners. The TRIM Notice is not a bill, but a statement notifying the property owner of the taxable value of their property and the proposed tax rate; the actual tax bill does not arrive until November. Our attorneys work to negotiate the value of our client’s property to lower their taxes and remedy any errors in the appraisal value. Our Attorneys will also file a petition for a hearing and attend the hearing on behalf of our clients. A lowered taxable value of the client’s property can result in years of tax savings.

Zoning and Land Use

Zoning and land use laws vastly differ by municipality. Having a zoning and land use expert, such as the attorneys at Block & Scarpa, will ensure no zoning or land use laws are being broken. We can help you determine what is allowed on your land to ensure your actions are within the law.

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