The days of word as bond unfortunately have long since passed. In today’s business world, day-to-day operations are hugely dependent on effective contracts and resolution of business disputes. Many businesses rely on specific contract terms, whether in manufacturing, services or other businesses.

Over the years, Block & Scarpa has aided several Florida companies with resolving business disputes and ensuring that contracts are drafted to fully protect their interests and goals.

Prevent Future Litigation in Vero Beach, Florida

Avoid the cost and complications of future litigation by ensuring that your contracts are drafted to be clear, thorough and without dispute on key measures. Whether we draft a non-compete agreement for an employee or a contract with a vendor, Block & Scarpa’s guidance will promise the security of your business needs and mitigate potential conflicts.

Block & Scarpa is well-versed in the intricacies of drafting contracts in Florida. We are available for reviewing contracts prior to signing, representing you in business transaction negotiations, preparing business agreements, organizing contracts within your own company and much more.

Common Areas of Question for Florida Businesses

Equipment Lease Agreements

Crucial to many business markets, your business needs access to the latest technology without being pinned into long-term commitments. Block and Scarpa will draft-and-sign lease agreements that capture the intent of each party accurately and clearly state the agreed-upon terms and conditions that were discussed between parties. We also prepare provisions that may be desirable to add to your agreement, such as addressing illegal use of equipment or issues regarding a warranty of merchantability.

Loan Agreements

Necessary for many young or expanding businesses, a loan is a well-known way to build capital. Due to the requirement to pay back a loan regardless of the company’s success, it is important to have a complete understanding of all the terms and conditions attached to a loan.

Non-Compete or Severance Agreements

In the most competitive of marketplaces, non-compete and severance agreements are often crucial to the maintenance of a business’ success. These may be signed by employees at the beginning, middle or end of an employment relationship. A non-compete agreement places limitations on how an employee may use the employer’s customers, and trade information or employees after obtaining or continuing an employment relationship with another employer. Severance agreements are signed at the end of an employment relationship, typically providing financial benefits in exchange for the employee signing a non-compete or waiving any claims against the employer.

Supply/Supplier Agreements

If your business is involved in the manufacture, distribution or retail of goods, a supplier agreement is an absolute necessity. Block & Scarpa will ensure the right type of contract is employed, review the essential parts of the contract, and guide you regarding the applicability of any laws and statutes related to your business contract.

Effective Business Contracts in Vero Beach, Florida

Block & Scarpa has extensive experience in multiple aspects of law. This experience, on a local, federal and international level, will provide expert guidance in litigation and strategy for your business. Call 772-794-1918 or contact us via the web to enlist our help today.