Sports and Entertainment

With an extensive background in representing entertainment personalities and professional athletes, the attorneys at Block & Scarpa understand the complexities and commitment you require to be fully represented. Our firm represents athletes, coaches, and entertainment personalities in contract negotiations and business transactions. In addition to employment contract negotiations, the firm assists its clients by leveraging more than 50 years of experience in business, contract, and real estate law to protect and guide clients through transactions, disputes or whatever their specific concerns require.

Professional Sports Lawyer in Florida

Block & Scarpa Attorneys at Law can represent individual athletes, coaches, and sports franchises. Our attorneys work to protect the best interests of our athletic industry clients, whether that concerns franchising, investments, contract review and negotiation, or a wide array of other related legal concerns.

Athletes and sports entities need proper representation throughout their career to ensure their finances and personal reputation are effectively managed for the individual’s best benefit. When our athletic clients decide they are ready to retire, we can assist with future planning – such as new business ventures, sponsorships, and investment opportunity management. Our services and capabilities are wide- ranging and far reaching, allowing the absolute best level of legal security for our clients.

Entertainment Lawyer

Contracts rule the realm of the entertainment industry. Contracts are known for being especially difficult for someone with a non-law background to fully comprehend. The attorneys at Block & Scarpa have extensive experience and success drawing up contracts, disseminating important legal information to our clients in the entertainment industry, and guiding our clients through lengthy contract negotiations. Whether you are an actor, producer, production company, musician, or broadcaster, our entertainment lawyers have the experience to effectively manage your legal needs and go above and beyond to secure your best interests.

As a professional in the entertainment industry, it is absolutely vital to have legal representation with your best interests in mind, just as the people drawing up your contract have their best interests in mind. With the entertainment lawyers at Block & Scarpa, you can expect the most favorable outcomes possible throughout your career.

What We Offer

Block & Scarpa Attorneys at Law are able to draw upon a career in law to provide the absolute best representation for those in the sports and entertainment industries. We advise professionals at all levels of their career, help with negotiations, contracts, contract enforcement, franchising opportunities, endorsements, management, royalty agreements, and so much more. We can also assist with post-career endeavors, including real estate planning and tax and wealth management to ensure a profitable and secure future for our clients.

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Block & Scarpa Attorneys at Law have the credentials and experience to help individuals in Sports & Entertainment secure a profitable and secure future. Whatever your legal concerns may be, our entertainment and sports lawyers will be there to jump at the task to secure your best interests. Contact us today to speak with the top sports and entertainment lawyers in Florida.