Civil and Commercial Litigation in Florida

Block & Scarpa provides litigation services in all areas of the firm’s practices. More specifically, our attorneys handle commercial litigation, will contests, real property litigation, business disputes and litigation, and delinquent assessment collection and foreclosures. Our attorneys defend our client’s best interests in a cost effective and aggressive manner. Block & Scarpa guides clients through any pre-litigation agreements and alternative dispute resolutions such as mediations or arbitrations.

Block & Scarpa Attorneys at Law has several practice areas we specialize in, including:

Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys are skilled in representing any number of business disputes. With the extensive experience of the attorneys at Block & Scarpa, we have seen it all when it comes to commercial litigation. Whether you are dealing with a breach of contract case, class action lawsuit, shareholder issues or any other sort of commercial dispute in Florida, our attorneys are standing by ready to protect you and your business.

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Probate Litigation

The passing of a family member, friend, or colleague is always emotionally tiring and extremely stressful. When probate litigation also occurs, this only multiplies those feelings. The attorneys at Block & Scarpa can contest a will, or defend a contestation, on your behalf – ensuring your best interests are presented.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can be extremely timely and tiresome, which is why it is important to have a true professional defending you. Cases of civil litigation can cost a rather large sum of money when lost. Block & Scarpa Attorneys at Law will represent you to ensure your best chances of a successful civil litigation case in Florida.

Delinquent Assessments

Block & Scarpa Attorneys at Law can draft delinquent assessments in a timely manner, ensuring they are delivered to the entitled recipient.


When one falls behind on mortgage payments, the mortgage lender may have to foreclose the home. This means that the home is sold in order to repay the loan, displacing whoever was living in the home. Our attorneys can represent you if you have fallen on hard times and want to fight to keep your home in Florida.

Real Property Litigation

Our real estate attorneys can be present during real property transfer to ensure all proper steps are taken in the transaction. We will work to ensure your best interests are fought for in the case of real property litigation.

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